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We made a tea-licious block of matcha white chocolate!

We can never resist an excuse to create celebratory products and TEA-ster is one of our favourite times of year! To celebrate this year, we've created a delectable MATCHA WHITE CHOCOLATE BLOCK crafted by artisan chocolatiers with just four ingredients.

While sometimes we love a healthy treat, this year we're indulging in the creaminess of milk white chocolate infused with the signature flavour (and popping colour) of our matcha. We know it's a little late to launch, so we can't guarantee your choccies will arrive before Easter, but who really needs any excuse to keep eating chocolate for weeks to come? TREAT YO'SELF!


Net weight: 70g

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, whole milk powder, matcha green tea powder (*ingredients with allergens are highlighted in bold)

Shipping: We cannot guarantee arrival before Easter. Free shipping for orders over $15 or more only.



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